My Penis

(A ‘reply’ to a WordPress post titled “My Vagina”)

Let me start with the name.  My doo-dah is only my “penis” in very formal company.  In my head, and informally, it’s my “cock”.  It’s a bit cocky, a bit of a lad – and my mate.  And I’m never formal with my friends.

It’s part of me, and yet not.  As a portion of me it hangs there, an extension of some of my organs – and also my brain.  My brain talks to it, and it talks back – well, occasionally.  And yet, it is not part of me; it’s merely a “tool”.  I use my hands to manipulate my tool, and like any tool it responds.

It hasn’t always been my “cock”. At one time it was my “willy”, but that was many years ago.

What does the future look like?  Well more of *cough* the same, no doubt.  And maybe an extra job.  Anyone got Lady Chatterley’s number?  “John Thomas” is looking for work…


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