Guns, or why the American right wing are – AS USUAL – wrong.

December 2014, and two incidents in Australia attract the attention of the world’s news media.  In Sydney 3 people died after a criminal staged an armed attack on a café.   And in Cairns, Queensland, 8 kids were stabbed to death.  The response of the American right wing:  more guns needed.  Truly sickening.

Let’s look at some facts.


in 1996 after a gun massacre in Tasmania the Australian government introduced tightened gun control rules.  Since then there have been NO mass shootings in Australia.

John Howard, the conservative Prime Minister who brought in the legislation thinks that the gun laws are a success. ‘“The gun laws that were brought in after Port Arthur massacre made Australia a safer place,” Howard said.’

In 2012 (hang on, when I come onto America I will post 2012s figures)  there were 297 homicides in Australia, with 1.3 victims per 100,000 population.

And in Queensland, before someone stupidly calls for “knife control” – there is.


In America, gun laws are a mess.

In America, there have been frequent mass shootings since 1996 – to cite just one, the shooting in Newtown, Connecticut a couple of years ago.

In America we know that there are a gazillion guns, no-one knows the precise figure since no records are kept.

In 2012 in America there were 14 173 homicides, a rate of 4.8 homicides per hundred thousand head of population.


So, let’s see now:  people in America are calling for more guns (and more gun deaths – seriously!) – if you don’t believe me just head over to Facebook, or alternatively take a look at this commentary on what Fox “News” thinks.

In America there are substantially more guns, substantially more homicides and the conservative parties don’t want more gun laws.

In Australia, there are substantially fewer guns, fewer homicides and the conservative who introduced gun control legislation is happy with what he did.

Who’s right?  Let’s ask the families of the victims of those 14 173 homicides that happened in America in 2012.


Here are the latest crime statistics for Victoria, Australia, to give an idea of what crime is like in Australia.


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