Is the American far-right and it’s mouthpiece Fox “News” the biggest threat to global security today?

A week ago this very day three gunmen went on the rampage in Paris, France, and killed a dozen people.  I would like to leave a discussion of that, and it’s aftermath in Europe for another day.  Today, I’d like to discuss the response from America.

The response, particularly from the far right, to an attack on civilisation was itself as uncivilised as it could get.  Within hours commentators in America were calling for the extermination of and entire people.  In another post, I reminded the world that there had also been a terrorist attack in America at the offices of the NAACP, and that if the far-right were consistent in their “thinking” they would be calling for every American in the world to be exterminated.  On a personal level, I received a death threat from someone who wished to assert that America was more “civilised” that the Islamic world.  And then there were the miss-informed people who could have done with educating before they were allowed online.  People who asked in all seriousness what Islam had ever brought us that was good.  People with selective memories about America’s own past.  And the plain stupid.

By, I think Sunday, the far-right and Fox News had whipped up the rhetoric to such an extent that the US State Department were warning people to be careful  out there in the big wide world.  And the far right carried on.  A fool went on Fox “News” and stated as a fact that Birmingham, England, was 100% Muslim – and people who knew how to Google (it’s a continuing fascination for me, and a puzzle that someone could answer if they would be so kind: is Google blocked in America?) laughed in derision.

So, we have a whole load of incredibly stupid, right wing Americans poking a basket containing a few hundred criminals.  Are these people trying to provoke a reaction?  I believe that they are.  I believe that the world will never be at peace while these stupid American thugs are allowed free access to the internet.  The criminals are only human, and if you poke them long enough and hard enough they will react.


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