American gun culture

Here’s a link for you:

So,  first things first.  This is a company that sells objects whose sole purpose is to KILL.

This company has taken offence because Neeson has highlighted the fact that kids are regularly and routinely killed with guns in America.  The company draws attention to the 2nd Amendment and ‘cultural ignorance’.  Pardon me?   Highlighting the regular slaughters that take place in America constitutes an attack on America’s culture?  Since when has it been a part of American culture to kill kids?

The plain fact of the matter is that this company is embarrassed that Neeson has highlighted a problem that is unique to America: the fact that tens of thousands of Americans are killed each year with guns – you know,  those things that this company makes its money out of.  The fact as I have repeated endlessly over the past couple of years is that there is no evidence that more guns = less gun deaths.  Quite the reverse.


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