Chapel Hill: Is Fox “News” culpable in the killing of three Americans?

On January 7th 2015 gunmen attacked the offices of a magazine in Paris, France and killed a total of 12 people.  In the days that followed more people died.

In America the far-right, led by TV station Fox “News” were outraged.  It appeared that these killings were motivated by religion, and the Christian right smelt blood.  In the weeks that followed Fox “News” narrative was that the Muslim community at large were the “enemy”.  A so-called expert on terrorism went on air, and claimed that there were no-go zones in Europe, and furthermore that the city of Birmingham, England, was 100% Muslim.  Within a week Fox News broadcast several apologies. Jeanine Pirro, the Fox “host” who originally allowed those comments unchallenged called for the mass murder of Muslims. She also suggested that people who kill Americans for “religious” reasons are terrorists.

Well, Fox may have gotten their first victims.

This past Tuesday, a man in Chapel Hill gunned down three Muslims in their own home.  We know few details at this stage except for the fact that the man posted messages indicating his hatred of religion on social media.  The “excuse” so far offered is that this was a dispute over parking.

Meanwhile, over on Fox News there is, relatively speaking, silence.  Bear in mind that Fox have called for the execution of a whole group of people.  Bear in mind that Pirro has rather stupidly called for people who kill Americans to be classed as terrorists.  Fox have gone silent.

A couple of points:

Nobody achieves peace by killing people.  That way lies a continuous round of retribution.  And the slaughter of unarmed Americans by criminals.  The rhetoric given out by Fox “News” cannot have helped one iota in this case, and it can’t help in dealing with the criminals in ISIS.

America’s gun culture urgently needs reform.  But, thanks to the American far-right and their mouthpiece, yup, Fox, the reform isn’t taking place.  The current situation is that the gun lobby assert that where there are bad guys with guns there will also be good guys.  Where were the “good guys” in this case?  And they assert that gun owners are law abiding, responsible people.  Taking out a good percentage of one family is responsible? Not in my book.


I got into an argument this morning over someone’s defence of the shooter in this case.  Her full post is here:

But I think that her defence of the killer is this:

“Maybe if our government did something about the terrorism, Americans wouldn’t feel as if they have to take matters into their own hands…”

Do you agree?


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