On harassment

Someone wrote to me yesterday, and said this:

” I don’t troll liberal pages ” – that was at 8.30am

Having shared a few more of her “thoughts” – on MY blog, she said this “I do believe your constant poking and prodding at me is borderline harassment – can you please stop?” That was at 9.18am

So, this person who doesn’t troll and felt “threatened” – ie harassed – went away after that right?  After all, if you are being harassed by someone it’s unlikely that you would want to speak to them again.


“Whether you like to believe it or not (cause I know for whatever reason you DESPISE Fox News and stop at nothing to defame them on almost a daily basis), MOST Americans watch because what Fox tells appeals to MOST Americans. We love our guns because we know without them, we cannot defend ourselves from tyrannical governments or protect ourselves from criminals. They are also used for hunting purposes – which we do a lot of in this nation.

And once again you are slandering me by stating that I DEFENDED the killer of the 3 Muslim students. You are a fool. You clearly NEED my attention so I’m giving it to you – I know some people love attention, sometimes even if it’s negative attention. We over here in America laugh at you guys in the UK because we know how you guys sacrifice your rights all the time blindly and then wonder what happened? Sounds to me like you have a jealousy problem cause I can guarantee if you ever lived here in America, you would change from a ravening flaming liberal to a conservative. We stand for freedom – in all aspects. It’s a shame you imprison yourself with your ridiculous and binding beliefs.

Nobody achieves peace by killing people you say. You are absolutely right. We don’t SEEK TO KILL PEOPLE. We seek to defend our selves from those that DO seek to kill people – or to steal from them. I wish you liberals would pull your heads out of your rear ends. You are so blind and your rhetoric is so laughable to most of the world. Take your fascism somewhere else and leave your (obvious) hatred of me OUT of your conversations with 3 people. Thanks.”


“And btw – thank you for continuing to promote me….I am also extending the favor. God bless and have a GREAT DAY :D”

What this idiot doesn’t understand is that actually I was offended by some of her remarks, and I took action to stop her comments hitting my email.

Compare then: the person who complained of harassment and came back for anther go – and the person who just went ahead and stopped the boob from commenting.

Oh and that “slander” (it’s libel by the way, or possibly defamation)?

“But I think that her defence of the killer is this:

“Maybe if our government did something about the terrorism, Americans wouldn’t feel as if they have to take matters into their own hands…””

Free speech and thought are protected for me under UK, EU, UN and…yes you’ve guessed it…even US law.  “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances”.  Isn’t free speech wonderful! 🙂


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