Proof: America IS a terrorist state

This week the world was shocked to hear of another plane crash that took the lives of over 100 people, this time in Europe.  (Incidentally, I’d just like to remind people at this stage that air travel remains safe).

Today, details from the cockpit voice recorders came out, and it would appear that the co-pilot deliberately flew the plane into the ground.  At this stage, we don’t know the reasons behind what happened but this hasn’t stopped speculation from the American far-right.

The American far-right (or at least those people commenting on Facebook) have decided that this is a “terrorist” act, simply on the basis that the pilot killed people other than himself.  Let’s think about this:

“A terrorist is a person who kills another person”.

Previously I have described that if you follow the “logic” of these American right wingers through, you end up with a situation where they are calling for all Americans to be exterminated.  According to their “logic”:

“People with the same background as terrorists should be exterminated”.

All this leads to the conclusion that America is a terrorist state because there is the 2nd Amendment which enables a lot of people to have the gear (guns) necessary to kill others, and millions of people support the Second Amendment.  Follow the right wingers “logic”, and it becomes necessary to eliminate both gun owners, and the people who support them.

(On top of this, of course there is the issue over American funding of terrorism, such as the CIA funding of the Taliban (the “grandparent” of ISIS), and the funding of the IRA by American citizens.)

All of this, and the hatred of Muslims that is apparent every time one goes on Facebook, creates a problem.  America is at this time in a half-hearted fight against a criminal organisation, ISIS, and every time someone from the American far-right comments online, airing their “thoughts”, it is quite possible to hear the celebrations from the middle east right here in England – simply by opening a window.  It’s possible to see quite regularly fights over ISISs name (IS, Islamic State, whatever) and there is certainly a problem with the use of the “T” word.  We really need to stop using the “T” word, but instead refer to ISIS actions as criminal behaviour since the “T” word only gives the criminals an increased status that they don’t deserve. (It did occur to me that the right wingers were attempting to devalue the word by using it for every possible action, but frankly, well…).  We also need to get a grip with our use of language, and our “thinking” processes.  Every time a right winger posts a “dumb” comment on Facebook, well that counts as a “win” to the criminals.


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