Tell the Fox “News” “Christians” not to be such cry babies!

This morning I found this story on the BBC website.  Essentially some people had complained to a court that a bakery had discriminated against them, and the court upheld the complaint.  The owner of the company had forgotten that while the company does indeed have a legal personality, the company (a company essentially is a box of documents) does not have a religious belief (it doesn’t pick itself up and go to church), it wasn’t a religious organisation, and so was not immune from anti-discrimination laws.

On Facebook I went over to Fox News to have a chat about this, and came across this story.

One of the first comments I came across was words to the effect of “tell the Muslims to stop being cry babies”.  This looked like a similar scenario to that in the bakery case, and in particular the bible has something to say about this.

“Offer the other cheek also”.

So while my first two stories aren’t exactly the same, well the bottom line is that Christians “turn the other cheek” or stop being cry babies, right?


Fox News actually have a tradition around the middle of December.  It’s not Christmas.  It’s Fox News’ “War on Christmas”

So, having decided that a lot of people are cry babies, what’s next on the Fox News commentators agenda.  That’s right, attacks on Islam.

Muhammad was a paedophile, according to one person.  Personally, I have no idea whether this is a true statement or not.  But the crucial thing here is that, if you support Islam in any shape or form then you are supporting paedophilia, right.


One of the heroes of the American far right is David Koresh, the leader of the cult in Waco, Texas, that was wiped out in a botched Federal raid a few years ago.  Koresh liked his girls nice and young.  Heck, as the Sherriff quoted in that Wikipedia link says, sexual relations with a 14 year old were perfectly legal.

So, child abuse isn’t specific to a particular religion.

Then someone mentioned that Muslims were well known for killing people in the streets, and that Christians never kill.  That’s got to be right, hasn’t it?  After all, God only handed down 10 laws, and “do not kill” was one of them.


Even church ministers have been known to kill.

So unlawfully killing people isn’t specific to a particular religion.

So what have we learnt from all this, apart from the act that Fox “News” viewers aren’t the brightest…?

(1)  Turning the other cheek is essential.

(2)  Respecting the other guy is vital.


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