The 4 inch knife is legal, although a little strange to take on holiday. The radio transcievers (you made sure that it was legal to operate them before you flew in, right?) are very handy for remotely detonating bombs, which is why security was a bit touchy…


Here’s the pictures.

We caught the 11am flight from Podgorica to London on Ryan’s Air. We went through their TSA version of security and we didn’t even have to take our shoes off. These people were totally baffled by our walkie-talkie’s. They’d obviously never seen them before and wanted me to take the battery out. Well it takes a screw driver to remove the battery, now what? Somehow this caught the eye of the x-ray inspector, but he didn’t seem at all to mind the 4 inch pocket knife I’d forgot to put in the checked bag. After 10 minutes of them attempting to disable our walkie-talkie’s, Christina started to get a little upset and told the woman inspector “That’s enough, you’re going to break our stuff.” After they very roughly took everything out of our bag leaving it for us to repack, we ended up checking that bag…

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