This land is our land… or is it?

In England and Wales… follow the public footpaths and you will be fine. In Scotland, well that’s a seperate jurisdiction and I don’t have a clue. But, please… don’t Google land law. It isn’t worth it.

The Conscious Traveller

One thing becomes clear when starting to research land laws, and who owns the land. That is, that nothing is clear at all. No one really knows who owns what and for long they have owned it, but there is some information that can be gleaned from some research.

Every piece of land in England is owned by someone, be at an individual or an organisation. That means, if you find yourself on a piece of land that you don’t own, you may be in breach of the law and you could be asked to leave. For example, on they state that “People in a park will often protest (if asked to leave) that it is public land. This does not mean that they have a right to be on it at all times – they do not”. This means, in any situation if someone who owns the land…

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