And so it begins…

Yes, I have Three mobile (the people who do unlimited data) and it pretty much is unlimited (there is a ‘fair usage’ limit of 1 terabytes a month…)… but… don’t get your hopes up until you have checked their coverage. When their signal is good it is VERY good, but when it’s bad…

An American Intern in London

Well, on Saturday I finally moved into my summer housing and all I have to say is, “wow NYU has some really nice dorms.” So nice in fact my apartment has 2 fridges. Yes, 2 fridges because one just wasn’t enough. I also met all but one of my roommates and so far we are all getting along really well. The roommate I haven’t met is still stuck in the states because she doesn’t have her Visa yet but including her I live with 5 other people. It’s two people per room and we have two bathrooms so it’s surprisingly spacious. Officially, being moved into my apartment also means I now have wifi!

Speaking of wifi. Up until this point I had been using an international plan on my phone, I got to keep my number but I only got 250 mb of data, 250 sent text messages and 250…

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