Is S&P Playing Dirty Games With The Ratings Again ? / Armstrong Economics

No S and P aren’t playing dirty. And no, Britain wouldn’t be saddled with larger and larger bailout costs if we stayed in Europe. You have mistaken ‘the Euro’ for ‘the European Union’.

Today,s Thought

Is S&P Playing Dirty Games with Ratings Again?


Rating Agencies Testify Before Congress for their AAA-Ratings after 2007

S&P has issued a warning of a UK downgrade if it exits the EU. Quite frankly, we have reviewed the trade flows and this is purely politics and it is certainly not beyond the possibility that S&P is being told what to do and say just as they were in 2007. Both Moody’s Investors Service and Standard & Poor’s Ratings Service placed their once-revered triple-A ratings on the Goldman Sachs’ Abacus deal.

There is absolutely ZERO reason to downgrade Britain for leaving the EU. There would honestly be a greater risk to Britain staying in the EU for they will be saddled with higher and higher bailout contribution mandated by the EU. This threat seems to be driven to influence the politics in Britain…

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