Halls and Cathedrals and Cow Fields, Oh My!

Very well written post 🙂 There’s just a small ‘typo’… you say that there is a Tudor… in the middle of the round table, but don’t say what the Tudor thingy is… (it’s a rose, of course…)
I was born in Winchester, and still enjoy visiting in spite of the trendy shops…

Katlyn Powers

Monday, May 11th

We finally arrived in Heathrow airport as a group of eight. The flight went smoothly and slowly as we passed over the Atlantic Ocean and several time zones. On the plane from Chicago to London, I sat next to an elderly woman named Charlotte who informed me that she was journeying to England to visit the aptly named royal princess. An impressive woman from Iowa, Charlotte had visited sixty-one different countries in her lifetime. Her stories made me anxious to begin my own world travels. London looked beautiful from the sky, and increased my restlessness. I was ready to leave the soreness of the airplane seat and begin my exercise on foreign soil. I was fairly surprised at Heathrow’s efficiency and navigability. Although, it helps that I was not traveling independently and could ask questions when unsure of my bearings.

At Heathrow, we met our tour…

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