My opinion on guns

Guns aren’t banned in the UK, y’know. But apart from that, a well thought through piece. Thanks.


In 1996, a gunman killed many in a shooting in Dunblane. The case seized the attention of the British people, shocking the masses to the core. After that, guns were gone. Banned. The many high profile school shootings in the USA produce a similar reaction: they horrify people across the globe. There is one key difference, though: the possession of guns is still legal in America. Obama tried to do something, but he couldn’t. People didn’t want to give up their rights to guns. A year or two ago, I remember a British politician saying that handguns should be re-legalized and was met with disdain and contempt. Guns have no place in society and it’s truly incredible that America hasn’t realised this yet.

There has to be reasons.

A popular belief is that the USA is the greatest country in the world, graced by God to deliver justice to the…

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