In London The Times They Are A-Changin’

It would indeed be wearing to trudge along under the tyranny of a terrorist threat if that was what people do. But London isn’t like that. The security situation to the man on the street is as follows: On trains people are periodically reminded to keep their luggage with them, in order to avoid sparking a security alert. But then, who wouldn’t want to keep their nice leather luggage close by? Hardly a burden there, then. Rubbish is routinely collected in transparent bags in order for security personnel to easily see what is inside the bags. And, of course, high profile areas such as Parliament have access controlled by airport style security. So no big deal there then.
Meanwhile America is so dangerous that a hundred million of her citizens feel the need to arm for self defence. By the way, do you know if the gun lobby are still asserting their rights to carry guns into the war zone that is the Starbucks coffee shop?

Here's The Right Side Of It

Two of England's More Notorious Dhimmi Prime Ministers Two of England’s More Notorious Dhimmi Prime Ministers

In 1984 I spent a wonderful two weeks in London as part of a post-graduate seminar in the English criminal justice system through the University of Colorado.  Our class had the good fortune to meet with the then Chief of Detectives at New Scotland Yard, David Powis, and many of his brave subordinates.  Back then the terrorist threats to Londoners’ safety came mainly from the Irish Republican Army.  By the way, I never saw a uniformed Bobbie carrying a firearm.  They weren’t needed on the beat.  But now look – (photos: The Telegraph)…

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