Is the United Kingdom Following the United States in Syria?

The government has already said that they believe that the gunman in Tunisia WASN’T targeting Britons, so to then turn around and say that it WAS an attack on Britain would be, to put it mildly, foolhardy.
I read another blog post today that raised the interesting question over whether Britain has the air power to increase military action in the middle east…

بنسبة لنا

iraq-air-strikes-david-cameron-498214On June 26, Seifiddine Rezgui wandered onto the Sousse beach resort in Tunisia and opened fire, killing 38, including 30 vacationing British citizens. The Islamic State (ISIS) claimed responsibility for the attack after information was revealed that Rezgui attended an ISIS training camp in Libya and was part of an ISIS sleeper cell in Tunisia. The connection to ISIS has the British government contemplating increased action against the terrorist group in Syria. Prime Minister David Cameron has suggested that any attacks against ISIS in Syria would be legal internationally under the theory of individual self-defense, citing the threat that ISIS poses to Britain. The focus on individual self-defense as a justification for military action in Syria under domestic British law and international law contrasts with the American approach, which relies on collective self-defense in international law and an unrelated Congressional authorization in domestic law.

Currently, the British military is…

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