Europe Safe From Islam? – Think Again!

You are not at all racist, but you are quite happy to stereotype an entire race of people because of the actions of a few?
Let’s look at some other evidence. In America in the years since 2001 more Americans have been killed by right wing American terrorists than by ‘Islamic’ terrorists. I expect that you will be quite happy to write off the entire American race because of the actions of a few, won’t you? After all, you aren’t a racist hypocrite, are you?


6 thoughts on “Europe Safe From Islam? – Think Again!

  1. Thank you for the re-blog, but I have to admit that I do not like your comment because it is highly inaccurate! I do not “stereotype an entire race of people because of the actions of a few” as you put it, and if you think so then read it again! I am well aware there are good Muslims who are willing to live with us in peace, so please don’t make assumptions.
    Best Regards,

  2. Ham, I don’t “assert” anything. Terrorism is not dependent on a persons race or country by any means, It depends on the persons committing the crimes, and whatever radical ideas they have been exposed to by others. In years gone by it was the IRA in Ireland, then it was the Palestinians, both of whom fought for their own ideals, misplaced as they were.
    Now it is a group of Muslims who have the idea that they will eventually rule the world, and we will all be subject to Sharia Law. This does not include all Muslims but many have been radicalized by Imams in the mosques across Europe, and propaganda on the internet, which is why they are leaving Europe to fight for the likes of Islamic State.
    The entire Islamic revolution was created by one man, Bin Laden who as you remember instigated the 9/11 attack. Since that attack Muslim terror groups have sprung up all across the world because they have the mistaken belief they can turn the whole world Muslim.
    Your past problems in America are not related to the current terrorist actions by al Shebab, Islamic State or al Qu’ada. There has been violence throughout the history of America, these days it manifests itself in the blacks versus the whites as we have seen regularly on the news recently. I fail to see what that has to do with terrorism.

    • You know, I really can’t be bothered with your shit any longer. You need to face up to your hypocrisy or forever be challenged every time you post your bigoted comnents. In America, more people have indeed been killed by far right ‘Christian’ terrorists than by ‘muslim’ terrorists. That is a statement of fact. And you can wriggle all you like, but when you say ‘it’s nothing to do with religion’ and then immediately attack specifically one religion then everyone in the world can see what a fraud you are. So you no doubt believe that terrorism would end if borders were closed and everyone kept to their own ghetto? Dylann Roof, the latest American terrorist, didn’t cross any national borders before he massacred 9 people, did he? How about the Charlie Hebdo shooters? French citizens. And it goes on…
      Your pathetic attempts to find excuses for your bigotry; by saying that the religion is to blame, or the ‘open’ borders are to blame, are exactly that. Pathetic. This current wave of violence has been caused by Americans who don’t know how to behave, who think it’s funny to execute illegal wars without thinking through the consequences or even finishing the job properly. And it will only end when American wastes of space grow up. And deal with their own bigotry.

  3. Oh how selective we are! You feel free to insult others at your will, but when they bite back you are a coward who will not post their answer to your insults!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • “Oh how selective we are! You feel free to insult others at your will, but when they bite back you …”
      This from the bigot who repeatedly insults Muslims
      “Well? Do you have the guts to add my reply to your stupid comment or not?”
      No, not at three AM.
      “Once again I have to state that this blog is not about America. It is about the threat to Europe …”
      I’m citing well known examples that even half wits such as you will have heard of.
      Tell me:
      Did the Boston bombers wear burqas?
      Did the 7/7 bombers wear burqas?
      Did the Woolwich murderers wear burqas?
      Did Roof, the Charleston murderer, wear a burqa?

      The truth is that you are so blinded by your bigotry that you wont accept any other opinion. Luckily the security services are not as blind as you.
      ” You won’t be reblogging any more of my posts for you have been blocked. You had better look somewhere else … ”

      Oh yeh, since you hate immigrants, what on earth are you doing in Spain?

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