What everybody knows, but nobody talks about.

Actually my title isn’t quite right,  but if I explain –  all will become clear…

A friend of mine has a neighbour who can be regularly heard – let’s say ‘entertaining’  his girlfriend late at night.   That’s not what’s noteworthy: what is noteworthy is the fact that the ‘entertainment’  lasts a short period of time.   In fact,  my friend’s nickname for him is ’30 second man’.

This got me thinking.

Many years ago I was playing football in the park and I received a full hit from the football in my… let’s say ‘middle stump’.   Everyone knew about it, and where I’ d been hit. A few years after that I was living in a hostel.   Now I have always been a keen,  let’s say ‘night time exerciser’.  One night when I was ‘exercising’ I heard some folks talking through the wall about me,  and it turned out that I had quite a reputation for ‘exercising’.

So,  here’s the thing.   We all know that adult related activities take place.   We all talk about such activities behind participants backs.   But we don’t ever speak directly to participants about what they have been up to.  (Oh you are pregnant eh?  Congratulations were you pregnant the first time you had sex,  or have you been at it like rabbits since you two got together…?)

Compare this with,  say,  reading.   It’s perfectly normal to talk to someone about their reading…


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