American Cowardice

Actually, to be fair, that should read:

Right-wing American Cowardice


As the world knows, there is civil war raging in the Middle East, and consequently millions of people are fleeing their homes. Obama has said that he will allow 10 000 refugees into America, and in typical form, the American far-right have voiced their opposition to his plan.

I wont rehearse the arguments of such “people” as Ben Carson or Donald Trump except to say that their argument is that these scared frightened refugees are, according to the opponents of Obama’s plan, actually ISIS insurgents in disguise.

These “people” say that allowing refugees into America will turn America into a dangerous country.  Well, I have an answer for them.  Wayne laPierre’s hundred million “good guys with guns” will keep America safe.  After all, they have done a sterling job with America’s home-grown “terrorists”, right?

According to Nationmaster the homicide rate in France is 1.3 per hundred thousand head of population. (Actually I think it is a little less, but I’m feeling to lazy to look up the figures.)

In America that figure is 5.

So America is already dangerous – far more dangerous in fact than the country that was attacked by ISIS terrorists a few days ago.

Could the number of guns in America be a problem? Well, according to some Texan politicians – yes! The law in Texas is that pretty much anyone can buy a gun.

But these Texas lawmakers have a problem with people who speak English with a funny accent and have brown skin owning guns. They are quite happy with “white” Americans owning guns (after all, there is that hundred million strong army of “good guys with guns” to not deal with the bad guys), but when it comes to foreigners, and especially foreigners fleeing a war-zone – well…

I can see you disagreeing with me on this point, that it is nothing to do with “safety”, but everything to do with racism, so I’ll just share this one last snippet.

Rupert Murdoch thinks that only “proven Christians” should be allowed in. Rupert made his home in America and even took American citizenship in order to be allowed to buy some American media companies.  Yup.  Murdoch is a hated “economic migrant”.  You couldn’t make this up.

1 thought on “American Cowardice

  1. Your blog is a case study in liberal idiocy. This is what happens when liberals have access to social media and the internet.

    If you label my no bullshit approach to muzzie terrorists (the same zealots who would gladly subject liberals like you to a Caliphate) as “terrorist”, you have a shit factory for a brain.

    Muzzies commit heinous acts and atrocities–world wide–in the name of their violent theocracy, and all you can do is piss and moan about how mean right wing people are because we don’t want to import any more of them into America.

    You have a lot in common with Barky.


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