Ten Places to Visit in London

(1) The House of Lords

What’s that you say? ‘Surely you mean the House of Commons?’  No.  The House of Lords is the sexier chamber, full of gold and red leather.  It’s where the Queen goes to make her speeches.  You go in through the same public entrance, but turn right at the centre of the building to head off to the Lords.  There are plenty of steps, or if you can’t manage them a lift.  Once in the ‘Stranger’s Gallery’ you are expected to be silent – and photography is definately not permitted.

(2)  The National Gallery

Entry is free (except for special exhibitions) and there are more than enough pictures to spend your afternoon enjoying.  A useful attraction for people who have made the trip into London by train are the free toilets!

(3)  Kew Gardens

Blooming expensive, but once you are there you have several hundred acres of gardens to enjoy.

(4)  Wigmore Hall

Small and cheap (for London, anyway) concert venue.  The building is absolutely gorgeous.

(5)  London Monument

Monument to the great fire of London that has a viewing platform at the top.  Entry is only a couple of quid – a bargain when compared to the nearly £30 cost of a visit to the Shard.

(6) British Library

Generally us ordinary mortals don’t get to go into the reading rooms, but the British Library has several exhibition spaces where it’s possible to see treasures including copies of the Magna Carta.

(7) Hampstead Heath

Hundreds of acres of parkland owned by the Corporation of London, but to the north of the city. Great views of the city from it’s highest point.

(8) BBC Radio Theatre

Venue for some of the BBC’s live radio programme recordings.  You have to book to see a show, but tickets are free.

(9) Tower Bridge

For a small fee it’s possible to visit high walkways.  The Corporation of London have recently installed glass floors, and if you go at the right time you can watch the bridge being lifted – from above.

(10) Supreme Court

Based across the road from parliament the Supreme Court is in a gorgeous Edwardian building.

2 thoughts on “Ten Places to Visit in London

    • Back in the day it was theoretically possible to just hang around outside Broadcasting House at the right time and ask a BBC person if there were any tickets available, but these days they insist that you book via their website. I believe that it is Thursday evenings when they record the comedy… 😉

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